Monday, February 4, 2019

Two Step permanent replacement of a missing tooth without drilling, needle in two easy steps

Two step

The other day I was talking to a patient about what to do with a loose tooth. It was a upper front tooth and she didn't want to touch the teeth on either side. The teeth that were on either side had nothing wrong with them and we didn't want to cut them down to put a bridge there. If you cut down teeth to put a bridge on, the chances of needing a Root Canal in the future goes up by 25%. We then talked about implants which are a great option if a patient wants to replace a tooth without involving adjacent teeth. The argument against is having to wear something that comes out while the implant integrates. There is a method of putting in an implant and putting on a temporary crown while the implant heals. The downside? The success rate is a little lower. We finally decided to use a Maryland Bridge. This treatment allows you to glue a fake tooth in the space the same day we took the tooth out. It is permanently glued. If you want to place an implant, the Maryland Bridge will be glued in place and when the implant is ready then the bridge can easily be removed and a temporary crown placed on the implant. Walk in with a permanent tooth walk out with a permanent tooth. The process is simple. You take an impression of the tooth that needs to come out. The lab makes the Maryland Bridge. Next appointment the tooth comes out and the bridge is cemented in place.
No muss no fuss and done with a two step.

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