Monday, April 22, 2019

Making Tooth Pain Go Away

Pain Pain Go Away

I will sometimes get phone calls from patients who are in pain and for whatever reason can't come in. Normally you can tell them to take pain killers or call in a prescription. Sometimes this is not possible. So, how does a person stop the pain of a toothache? Sometimes you can use an ice pack and put it on the area, this is what we do when we take out teeth. It works really well and you don't have to take anything . A really great way to control tooth pain is to soak a small ball of cotton(about the size of a pea) and place it on the tooth in question. Clove oil is a natural

anesthetic . Dentists use it in sedative fillings when they can't finish a treatment and don't want to have the patient in pain. It is non-toxic, doesn't cause stomach upset and is all natural. It will work wonders and give you relief in a pinch.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Wire Act

With the advent of wire free braces people ask me if wire braces are still done.
The answer is yes. While removable braces may be unseen (for the most part) and very popular because of that , wires still have a place. The biggest use is in children and adolescents. Removable braces can be misplaced or damaged. In adults the teeth can't be moved in the right direction by removable braces. The downsides to the wires are they are noticeable, they can irritate the lips and cheek, and your hygiene has to be very good or you end up with discoloration or cavities. The things that wired braces have going for them is they don't involve the patient so much, work in situations where removable braces won't work. These two are the most valid reasons .They really have been sidelined by the clear braces but in certain niches they work extremely well.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Spring Cleaning (Cruddy Buildup on the Back of Lower Front Teeth)

The Buildup of Tartar (really calculus but if I mention it people
think I am going to talk about Descartes and math. Which
is probably slightly more boring than Dentistry) on the
back of the lower front teeth are due to a combination of factors.
First there is a Salivary duct under the tongue that does nothing
but squirt saliva on the backs of these teeth.
Then there is gravity which allows the saliva to pool on
the floor of the mouth. Last but not least it is hard to reach
with a toothbrush, manual or electric.Enter the Sulcabrush.
It will clean the back of the bottom teeth like a charm.
A couple of passes in the morning and you are set! It will
make the cleaning
at the dentist so much easier because you are keeping it
off instead of once, twice a year.