Monday, April 22, 2019

Making Tooth Pain Go Away

Pain Pain Go Away

I will sometimes get phone calls from patients who are in pain and for whatever reason can't come in. Normally you can tell them to take pain killers or call in a prescription. Sometimes this is not possible. So, how does a person stop the pain of a toothache? Sometimes you can use an ice pack and put it on the area, this is what we do when we take out teeth. It works really well and you don't have to take anything . A really great way to control tooth pain is to soak a small ball of cotton(about the size of a pea) and place it on the tooth in question. Clove oil is a natural

anesthetic . Dentists use it in sedative fillings when they can't finish a treatment and don't want to have the patient in pain. It is non-toxic, doesn't cause stomach upset and is all natural. It will work wonders and give you relief in a pinch.

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