Friday, April 19, 2019

Wire Act

With the advent of wire free braces people ask me if wire braces are still done.
The answer is yes. While removable braces may be unseen (for the most part) and very popular because of that , wires still have a place. The biggest use is in children and adolescents. Removable braces can be misplaced or damaged. In adults the teeth can't be moved in the right direction by removable braces. The downsides to the wires are they are noticeable, they can irritate the lips and cheek, and your hygiene has to be very good or you end up with discoloration or cavities. The things that wired braces have going for them is they don't involve the patient so much, work in situations where removable braces won't work. These two are the most valid reasons .They really have been sidelined by the clear braces but in certain niches they work extremely well.

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